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Access a printable agenda.

Please note: The printable agenda does
not have speaker biographies or session descriptions.

Program App Access
Download the real-time National Mentoring Symposium Program App using your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Visit the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store/Google Play (Android) and search for “National Mentoring Symposium“. It’s free to download. Blackberry users will be able to access the App from the web.

Making Connections (Networking)
You can easily connect and network with other attendees. By building an “Attendee Profile”, you can share photos, create posts with comments and likes, and message each other in private. By including a photo in your profile, other attendees will be able to identify you from the 300 participants. You will also be able to share your contact information for future connections with speakers and other attendees. 

Real-time Updates
If changes in the program occur, updates are made to the app’s schedule in real-time.

If we need to connect with you, notifications can be sent directly, keeping you informed in a timely and unobtrusive manner . 

Ratings of Speakers and Presentations
Surveys are important for improving event experiences. After you participate in a session, you can go back to the App and rate your experience. This information will be used to refine future symposium programs.

Access to Presentations
Presentations and resources will be posted and made available through the App so you don’t have to madly write down notes. When you return to your office, you can download all of the presentations you’re interested in and review them at your convenience.

Social Media
You can help connect The National Mentoring Symposium with the world through the Social Media links built in to the app. With a click of a link, you will be be able to tweet and post your experiences on Facebook.

App Demos
Please visit the Registration/Information Table upon arrival. We will help you create your profile, take you on a tour of the symposium’s app and ensure that it is an invaluable and effective tool for you to use throughout your three-day experience.

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